Greens on the Go (and more!)

Farmer’s Fridge is a food company with a unique product: a vending machine that sells salads packed in sealed, recyclable containers.

The company prepares gourmet salads, snacks, and breakfast food early in the morning from fresh produce that are organic and mostly locally sourced. The company prepares the food daily in a fully licensed shared kitchen then delivers the packed salads to the vending machines by 10 AM. Unsold salads are donated to a local food pantry.

The company is SPE-certified, which means the food is properly sourced and nutritionally-balanced and delicious.


The vending machines, which the company prefers to call automated refrigerated kiosks, are constructed with reclaimed wood and some recycled materials. The machine accepts all major credit cards and features touch screens and bar code scanners for coupons and email receipts.

The kiosks cuts down on counter costs and allows people to buy affordable healthy food on the go. The company also offers catering and delivery services within the Chicago area.

The kiosks are currently located only in Chicago, but Farmer’s Fridge founder Luke Saunders is looking at getting them to New York in the future, according to a post on Well + Good.

*Living in Chicago, I am lucky enough to be close to the Farmer's Fridge and I love it!  The food is fresh and delicious.  So good in fact, I've had in twice in 2 days!  

Farmer’s Fridge

Source: Well + Good

Images: Farmer’s Fridge


New Zealand Uses Shipping Containers to Rebuild its Retail Community

Back in February 2011, Christchurch, New Zealand was struck with a massive 6.3 earthquake that crippled the landscape. In an attempt to keep the local economy afloat and bring new business into its area, as well as keep pre-existing ones during the midst of the crisis, a temporary mall was constructed to replace the leveled shopping center. Made completely out of shipping containers, the new Re:START pop-up malloffered a place for pre-quake businesses, big brands and new start-ups a place of refuge.

Fast-forwarding to over one year after the disaster, and the temporary pop-up mall is flourishing with 30+ retailers and counting. Out of those 30+ are various New Zealand originals including music shop The Cosmic Corner, beverage company Crafted Coffeeand bespoke variety The General Store.

Architect Anton Tritt explains that the shipping containers were chosen for the project due to the fact they are strong, durable and could be dismantled and reused at another site. Per the original agreement with the sites landowners, the pop-up shopping complex is scheduled to be dismantled shortly after Easter of next year. However, many organizers believe the complex could remain intact due to its large following and ever-growing popularity.


Ben & Jerry's Gets Fans Involved in its Latest Ad Campaign

Ben & Jerry's has asked fans to express the essence of 'euphoria' through a photographic upload to Instagram with the tag #captureeuphoria. The very best photographs are currently being selected and used for the company's worldwide ad campaign. Some of the photo's have already been selected and used on the back of magazines, transit ads, and digital media. 

What's more, the company also gives the uploader recognition for their photo skills and posts their selected photograph all over the neighborhood, making that uploader either a celebrity, or a little embarrased!

Take a look at the below video to see Ben & Jerry's campaign in action:



Did Target & Neiman Marcus Collaboration Miss the Mark?


The Target Neiman Marcus collection still remains well stocked both in stores and online, with only the Judith Leiber zebra compact selling out online as of today. 

The Store took a look at both Target & Neiman Marcus to see first hand how the goods were displayed.  Both stores were consistent in that the entire collection was merchandised together with all items intermixed.  Target used existing shelving and Neiman Marcus displayed the items on Ikea cubes and tables for a clean look. 

According to online reports, both retailers are happy with the partnerships and the collaboration definitely helped freshen the Neiman Marcus image for having high quality, affordable gifts.  In store perception seems different to me though with the collection displayed front and center in the women's department when you walk in the store at Target.  At Neiman Marcus Michigan Avenue (Chicago, IL) location, I had to search for the collection and found it on the 3rd floor, around the corner where staff members where the only people looking at the items. 

The last Target collaboraton was with fasion powerhouse Missoni with items selling out in minutes and online shoppers crashing the website for almost a full day.  Based on that criteria, this seems to be a failure but Target says it's unfair to compare the two as the Neiman Marcus partnership was conceived to be a holiday gift collection and therefore, more deeply stocked.