WPP Global Retail Forum Speaker Spotlight: Adrian Finch, OgilvyAction

We are pleased to have Adrian Finch, Regional Director, Latina for OgilvyAction on our roster of speakers at the 2013 WPP Global Retail Forum. Adrian will cover  "A New Era of Accountability for Brands and Retailers in Latina".  In his session he will reveal the key success factors for Brands and Retailers and what it means for Brand Owners, Retailers and Agencies.

Mr. Finch recently wrote an article on Retailing in Latin America and an excerpt of that article also appeared in the BrandZ Top 50 Most Valuable Latin American Brands 2012.  The entire BrandZ Top 50 Most Valuable Latin American Brands 2012 can be downloaded here.

Adrian Finch is Regional Director, Latina for OgilvyAction since 2003.  Adrian has worked in the UK, Australia, New Zealand and Brazil where he has held various marketing roles.  He has a strong understanding of retail and trade marketing, and how to build brands without using traditional media. 

Ogilvy Action has offices across the region servicing both international and local clients in the activation arena with a focus in Shopper and Trade Marketing.

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WPP Global Retail Forum Speaker Spotlight: Chris Aubrey, Adidas

Don't miss the opportunity to hear Chris Aubrey, Director of Commercial Experience for Adidas, as he discusses "Transforming Retail for a New Generation" at the WPP Global Retail Forum in Santiago (March 2013).  Mr. Aubrey will dissect the changing behaviors of consumers and the ways these new behaviors are impacting how business is done, what influencing factors affect consumer behavior and the next factors that will lead to further change.  

This session will aim to get the retailers of today thinking differently about their business and how they do business. Register now to be part of this conversation.  

Chris Aubrey is a retail and brand expert with over 18 years of experience in store operations, marketing, branding, buying & merchandising, training and "on the shop floor" experience.  A future thinking, creative minded character with strong analytical skills and the ability to digest and interpret facts and figures while maintaining an open mind. 

View Chris's latest article on Re-Imagining Retail


Bloomingdale's Unveils Holiday 2012 Windows in New York City

As the holiday season begins to approach, as it does every year, retailers worldwide are scrambling to put together unique and innovative window displays to draw customers into their stores. Last night, Bloomingdale's did just that during the unveiling of its Lexington Avenue store in New York City.

To many onlookers surprise, Cirque Du Soleil performers graced the insides of a various number of the intricate displays, ready to entertain the onslaught of spectators. As it turns out, Bloomingdale's 2012 window displays drew inspiration from Cirque Du Soleils new show called 'Worlds Away.' And judging from these peculiar yet astounding window displays, the show will likely be a hit.