Curate Your Own Whiskey Online

Glasgow-based Scottish Whisky Blender enables visitors to create their own unique whisky blends by choosing from seven varied high-quality whisky's. Visitors can choose to mix only two of the whiskys, or all seven, depending on their taste.

Curators can continue to mix the various whiskys together until the bottle is filled. Once the concoction is produced, users can label the mix and put their name on it, then order away. Each creation is archived in Whisky Blenders database and given a special number. If it's a hit, mix-masters can distribute the unique number to their friends, or order another bottle for themselves.



Speaker Spotlight: Guillermo D'Andrea

Register now to hear Guillermo at the WPP Global Retail Forum as he discusses the intense format convergence and the rise of small stores and the challenge of managing margins through it all.  

Dr. D'andrea is Professor of Business Administration at IAE Business School in Buenos Aires, and has been a visiting professor at several B-Schools in Europe and the United States.  An expert in marketing and retailing, he led the Coca-Cola Retailing Research Council Latin America for ten years.

He has authored numerous books covering topics on Marketing, Retailing, Services, and Innovation in Latin America.  He is a frequent contributor to international publications including Harvard Business Review.  Guillermo also collaborated with Dave Marcotte (Kantar Retail) and Gwen Morrison (WPP's The Store) on an article for Harvard Business Review titled Let Emerging Market Customers Be Your Teachers (December 2010)

Guillermo recently presented the latest trends impacting the retail market in Latin America at Seminarium International in Santiago, Chile and will speaking at various conferences the first quarter of 2013 in Latin America.  

For more information and to register, please visit Regonline or contact Melinda Myhre at

*Please note this event is open to WPP Companies, Clients and Guests.


WPP's Annual Global Retail Forum

WPP's Annual Global Retail Forum, set to take place in Santiago, Chile on March of 2013, will host a number of the world's most well known retail experts, pioneers and innovaters.

In preperation for the event, we will be posting short synopses on the various speakers participating in the forum. Later this week we will be looking at Guillermo D'Andrea, an accomplished author, proffesor and industry professional.

If interested, please review the above agenda and email Melinda Myhre at

*this event is only open to WPP agencies and their clients


Watch Brand Donates to Various Charities Based on Color Purchased

1:Face is a brand on a mission. Creating multi-color watches, the company donates a cut of the profit it makes to various charities, depending on which color watch the consumer buys. Various causes the watches promote include water provision, cancer research, the environment, breast cancer, AIDS, and world hunger.

Designed by Fam Mirza, the watches are mirror faced, meaning they only display time when a button is pressed, and have a mirror-like surface until the button is clicked. The watches are not only meant to be fashionable, but also to make consumers think about various problems people around the world are faced with every day.