Westfield announces 'Westfield Labs,' a digital-centric research-and-development incubator

When malls first came to be, we didn't have cell phones, there was no internet, and it was impossible to pay by tapping your credit card on a fact, there were no credit cards.

Today, things have drastically changed, and consumers have the world at their fingertips..literally. In the age of the smartphone, consumers are able to access just about anything, totally changing the world as we know it. Retailers haven't quite figured out how to cope with these changes or how it is possible to merge their online and offline shops. However, some are trying to figure it out.

Westfield, one of the world's oldest and largest mall companies, is one of the many attempting to figure out what it means merge both spaces into one.

The company has launched 'Westfield Labs,' a futuristic mall where consumers are welcomed to try some of the new innovations that Westfield and its retail cohorts are testing out. The subjects: San Francisco shoppers. It will be interesting to see what the company comes up with, although one interesting thing we did find is a new take on a mall kiosk, created by Nintendo, pictured above. Here consumers can come and take a break from shopping to play some Wii, and as Nintendo likely hopes, make one last purchase before they call it a day.


Crate & Barrel puts a new spin on their catalogue

When we opened Crate & Barrel's new Holiday 2012 catalogue, this is the first page we turned to. Remind you of anything? How about a Pinterest board, or even the Facebook timeline! The catalogue is drastically different than anything the company has ever released, or really, different than anything ANY retailer in their category has released.

The catalogue is broken down by 'story' such as the above spread of 'Grandpa & Grandson.' The catalogue uses these stories to personalize its brand, and give consumers ideas for gifts, interior decorating, etc. The magazine also brings exclusive content to consumers such as films they can access via links on select spreads.

*Sidenote: Eventually, Crate & Barrel may employ augmented reality as IKEA did in its 2013 catalogue, ousting links altogether and delivering videos via smartphone. 

The catalogue even offers exclusive iTunes downloads such as Crate & Barrel's recommended New Years playlist which is free of charge for consumers. In the holiday catalogue, you can also find free eBook, video, and recipe downloads.

The pages of Crate & Barrel's catalogue bring innovation and disruption to the brands' overall image. View the digital version here



Sneak Peak: Target + Neiman Marcus 

If you follow our blog, you likely know that we have been keeping a close watch over the holiday collaboration between Neiman Marcus and Target. The two retailers will provide the same varied merchandise at both of their stores'. The products, which will range from $7.99 to $499.99, will be offered at either location for the same price points.

Target has released a preview of the products that will be offered through this brilliant collaboration. Learn about each of the 50 different designers or the merchandise they have produced for the campaign.

The collection will be launched on December 1st...we are interested in seeing if this merchandise will be as sought after as the Missoni and Target collaboration. What are your thoughts?



Warby Parker Brings New Meaning to Pop Up

Warby Parker, the world renowned eyeglass retailer known for their inexpensive yet stylish specs, are touring the States in one of the most innovative and creative mobile pop ups we here at WPP The Store have ever seen. The company has transformed an old yellow school bus into a breathtaking retail space.


The bus has been completely renovated to look like an actual store space, allowing consumers to peruse the wide array of glasses the company offers. 

The Warby Parker bus will make multiple stops in 9 different cities across the country. Calling the tour 'The Warby Parker Class Trip,' the bus is sure to turn heads. Starting off its' journey in New York in October, the tour will last a total of five months and end in Los Angeles, California come March. 


Known for playful and hands-on interaction with consumers, Warby's brand is reflected heavily through this pop up. The bus will play host to a photo booth, ping pong table and designer-savvy merchandise all made available to those who visit the shop. 


We highly recommend visiting this mobile pop up if it is coming to your city. The merchandise is great, the people are fun and the hands on brand interaction can't be beat. 

See where The Warby Parker Pop Up Bus is now!

Photo Credit: Thank You to Warby Parker for the photographs

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