The Special K Tweet Shop

When you enter a shop, whether it is the grocery store or your favorite clothing retailer, you normally pull out your wallet to pay for the items you plan to purchase. Well, that's not how it works at Kellog's Special K Tweet Shop. When you check out, you pull out your mobile device and pay with a tweet, or two, or three, depending on what you purchase.

The store is the first of its' kind, and was opened in London to celebrate the launch of Special K Cracker Crisps. By creating this innovative shop, Kellogg has not only generated a lot of buzz for the one of a kind idea, but has also generated a great deal of talk over Twitter due to the fact that so many consumers purchased items in the shop.


Gap uses whispering windows to entice customers into stores

Using a new technology that has been recently developed, Gap is now using sound in it's window displays to try and lure customers into their stores'. Though the tactic is only being used in the company's Rome store at this current time, it is already generating a slew of buzz.

As you can see from the video above, this newly developed speaker is attached to a window in Gap's case, which then generates sound vibrations through the glass. The idea is that the wide field of range generated through the glass will not only allow passing consumers to see the visually enticing window displays, but also hear them.

Photo Credit PSFK


Bobbi Brown promotes her new book at Nordstrom, Chicago

Hundreds lined up to meet Bobbi Brown this past week as she promoted her new book 'Pretty Powerful' at Nordstrom in Chicago.

As a part of the promotion, Bobbi Brown also offered free makeovers with her line of beauty products.


Zara Home US bound in two weeks

Zara announced only two weeks prior to launch, that they will be offering their home collections in the United States. Though the collections will be available online only for the time being, US consumers will be sure to spend some money on the products this holiday season. 

We are hoping that Zara will eventually bring physical home good shops to the Untited States or incorporate a home section into their current stores.

NY Times Article

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