Zappos uses Pinterest to help consumers shop

USA-based online retailer Zappos has launched a new and innovative web-service that translates users' Pinterest pins into product options that the retailer Zappos offers.

The 'PinPointing' site analyses the pins on users various Pinterest boards and compiles a product recommendations board that relates to the pins the users have saved to their boards. The service was designed to mimic the services that a personal shopper may offer by looking into consumers various interests, tastes, etc. and creating a one of a kind product list for them. As a topper, users can also search Zappos boards created by their friends, celebrities or brands.

Talking about the concept is Director of Zappos, Will Young, explaining: "Social shopping is a total buzzword that people throw around, but I don't think any big brands have cracked it. When we talk to people and ask what they think is the best social-shopping experience, they say Pinterest, and it's not even a retailer."
Visit: to gain a first hand look at Zappos new idea

Liquor company creates four million one-of-a-kind bottles

ABSOLUT vodka, known for their beautiful package design, is stepping up its game to create a completely unique bottle for its, in fact. The company's bottling plants in Ahus, Sweden have done something uniquely different for this years special edition packaging.

Absolut's factory engineers reprogrammed bottling machines to use paint guns and air brushes, along with a palette of 35 randomly assigned colors, to color each bottle in a different sequence. The outcome left each bottle looking completely unique. To top it all of,  each bottle was given its' very own serial number, so consumers who will pay $34 (£21.50,€27) for the bottle, realize they are paying for the one-of-a-kind item.


Magazine Luiza's 'Offer Shortener'

We at WPP The Store have followed Magazine Luiza's retail evolution throughout the past few years. They have participated in many of our conferences and taught us and many of our agency members about retail. We are excited to see their latest campaign 'Offer Shortener' as it marks their move into value promotion. Inspired by link shortening sites such as, Magazine Luiza aims to decrease their prices for consumers by engaging in a sort of price war with it's competitors. All you have to do is paste the product link of a cometitor site into the 'Offer Shortener' and Magazine Luiza will challenge the price with a lower one, sparking a price war between the two compeitors.

As an example, a consumers shops around and finds a nice television at a Best Buy store. He then looks at other competitor websites viewing the same television to find the lowest price possible. After this he pastes that link into the 'Offer Shortener' and Magazine Luiza will more than likely mark the television cheaper than it's competitor.

As Magazine Luiza says, they may not always win the price war against their competitors, however, the consumer will always win.


The Old Spice man is back!

Old Spice Muscle Music from Terry Crews on Vimeo.

He is back and he has more flair than ever. To promote their new scent, 'Danger Zone,' Old Spice has launched a viral video called Muscle Music, where Old Spice man Terry Crews composes a whole song by simply flexing his muscles, as you can see from the above video.

The best part about the video is that it is interactive. After you are finished watching, you are encouraged by the manly muscle man to push record and hit the buttons on your keyboard to make a song of your own, which you can save and share with your friends via various social networks.

What do you think about this interactive video? Share your Muscle Man remixes with us on our twitter, @thestorewpp

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