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Did Target & Neiman Marcus Collaboration Miss the Mark?


The Target Neiman Marcus collection still remains well stocked both in stores and online, with only the Judith Leiber zebra compact selling out online as of today. 

The Store took a look at both Target & Neiman Marcus to see first hand how the goods were displayed.  Both stores were consistent in that the entire collection was merchandised together with all items intermixed.  Target used existing shelving and Neiman Marcus displayed the items on Ikea cubes and tables for a clean look. 

According to online reports, both retailers are happy with the partnerships and the collaboration definitely helped freshen the Neiman Marcus image for having high quality, affordable gifts.  In store perception seems different to me though with the collection displayed front and center in the women's department when you walk in the store at Target.  At Neiman Marcus Michigan Avenue (Chicago, IL) location, I had to search for the collection and found it on the 3rd floor, around the corner where staff members where the only people looking at the items. 

The last Target collaboraton was with fasion powerhouse Missoni with items selling out in minutes and online shoppers crashing the website for almost a full day.  Based on that criteria, this seems to be a failure but Target says it's unfair to compare the two as the Neiman Marcus partnership was conceived to be a holiday gift collection and therefore, more deeply stocked. 




Target Says Goodbye to Garden

Target is in the process of eliminating the Garden section of their stores in favor of expanding food aisles to contain fresh produce and groceries.  They hope to have phased out Gardening sections by September, and while some gardening tools and materials will still be available in different sections of the store, the chain has decided that food and groceries are more profitable and encourage more weekly or even twice weekly customer visits.

Sources: NRF Smartbrief, OrlandoSentinel.com

- Adena Stein


Target Gets A Makeover

We saw Target's cosmetics do well during the down economy.  Recently, Target has brought in department store quality brands to their cosmetic aisles.  Some of these products can tend toward department store prices instead of the traditional Target bargain, though they offer many opportunities to sample, and sometimes will bring in professional makeup artists and experts to consult with.  We are intent on seeing how Target performs with these new lines and fresh approach

Sources: Target, Gwen Morrison

-Adena Stein.


Grocery at Target 

Rather than open more SuperTargets, Target is converting existing stores to offer" mini grocery". With fresh meat, limited produce and dairy added to their previous assortment, the mix offers " just enough" to get routine grocery shopping done.

-Gwen Morrison, The Store