WPP companies have together claimed the worldwide top spot in creativity for the first time, during a Cannes festival that saw:

  • JWT Shanghai winning China's first-ecer Grand Prix.
  • Ogilvy ranked No. 2 Network of the Year.
  • WPP named Holding Company of the Year.
  • Collectively the Group had a points total of 1,219, beating Omnicom into second place with Publicis taking third place.

    Here are some of the links to material discussed in the webinar
    Samsonite's Heaven and Hell - JWT Shangai
    LG's Seafood Aquarium - Y&R Bangkok
    Spread the Tedx - Ogilvy Buenos Aires
    Richard House Hospice - The Partners
    Fabreze's Hotel - Grey New York
    Diesel Island - Lullaby
    Diesel Island - A Brief History
    Diesel Island - National Anthem

    Also worth looking at is the WPPED Cream iPad app which is a showcase of the crème de la crème of client work from WPP companies around the world and in all disciplines - advertising, design & branding, digital, consumer insight, media, direct, PR and 360 - as judged by the Group's top professionals.